Kat F.

Rachel is a colour GODDESS. I have come to her with all manner of requests, from making me blonder than my 4 year-old self to going dark like Sarah Barthel and then immediately back again. She can make anything happen, but she's realistic about how long it will take because she wants to maintain the integrity of your hair instead of just wildly applying bleach to your scalp. She's calm and composed and truly professional, not to mention just a really cool person with great style. I was sad to hear she was moving to a different salon (Glama-Rama) since Oxenrose has a chic vibe that I really dig, but I'd follow the girl anywhere. 



Caroline R.

I've been an Oxenrose client for 5 years because of Rachel, who just left for Glama-Rama near 14th and Valencia. Go find her there!Rachel has tamed my long, thick hair with techniques other hairstylists have never quite gotten right. She is a professor of color (literally -- she travels the country giving classes), and this past new years when I went in just for a style, she ROCKED it with cool waves and flips that I'd never be able to accomplish with my own blow dryer. I got tons of compliments that night thanks to her!Goodbye Oxenrose. I'm loyal to Rachel and will follow wherever she parks her scissors.



Selena W.

...I despise any type of warmth or golden tones in my hair (aka fugly orange), and Rachel gave me the perfect beigey blonde highlights. I've been striving for this shade for years, and although my previous stylists have done a good job, there was always that hint of annoying yellow that bugged me. With Rachel it's all gone. She's awesome. In fact - she toned my hair not only once, but twice because she wasn't quite satisfied with the first result: "I'm picky with color," she said.



Drew C.

As a dude, figuring out how to stay away from the world of Supercuts without becoming so overly super-precious that you grow to hate yourself is not so easy. Thankfully, Oxenrose fits the bill. (Although I'm clearly the least hip person in the room.) I recommend Rachel-- she wields a mean set o' scissors and will reliably deliver exactly what you've asked for. No small feat.



James P.

...Had my hair cut by Rachel who instantly made me feel at ease and listened with the patience of Jobe about what I thought I wanted for my annoying curls and she wasn't afraid to give me her input about how best to style my hair. I like stylists that listen to what you'd like but aren't afraid to weigh in with their professional opinion. Her own styling was impeccable so I should have just let her do what she wanted right off the bat and after our consultation I felt comfortable enough to let her have carte blanche. She gave me a cute cut that gave shape to the Richard Simmons disaster that was my previous hairstyle.


Hello Rachel goodbye Richard.



Sabrina L.

Rachel is RAD: I've been going to her since that first time experience about 2, maybe 3 years ago. I keep forgetting to post a review. I thank her for my first time getting highlights and consistently giving me great cuts. Continuous compliments follow...even when it's overgrown and past due for another visit.Rachel is amazing and everyone there knows it because it's expected that co-workers come by her station for coloring advice. She gives my hair full attention, not like other stylists that seem to use their clients as therapists. She is genuinely excited, giving into her bursts of inspiration to try something new, but seems to know my boundaries for eccentricity . I'm a bit of a control freak, but with her, I don't say a word. "Do whatever you want..." and then I catch up on my reading. Thanks to her expertise, I never have to reveal that side of me.